KÖLES Bernadett

Domain: Marketing

Position Associate professor & Academic Director (Bachelor in International Business – Paris)

Bernadett Koles is a multidisciplinary scholar who is curious and passionate about a range of topics in marketing and consumer behavior.  She has devoted many years to studying the role of innovative technologies for individuals, consumers and organizations, and is currently pursuing projects that explore: virtual influencers; user experience in online games and digital platforms; streamers and their impact and progress in their community; user attachment to avatars and digital possessions; and the potential evolution and future trajectory of the Metaverse. Bernadett has an international background; holds a doctorate (Ed.D.) from Harvard University in Psychology, a second doctorate (Ph.D.) from Durham University Business School in Consumer Behavior. She has also published widely in a range of international scholarly outlets and contributes to the academic community as an Associate Editor and regular reviewer for various outlets.

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