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IÉSEG is pleased to announce that it is organizing a conference on virtual worlds and the metaverse – that will take place on September 28th on the Paris – La Défense campus.

The aim of this event is to gather experts from the academic and professional communities to exchange on relevant topics around virtual worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse.

By bridging the gap between theory and practice the conference aims to spark interesting ideas and debates from different stakeholders.

Morning sessions with an emphasis on research

During the morning sessions, renowned international scholars with expertise in digital marketing and new technologies will share their insights and work.

These will include Russell W. BELK (Schulich School of Business, York University); who will talk about virtual ownership in the metaverse. Carlos FLAVIAN (University of Zaragoza) will focus on emerging technologies shaping the virtual landscape, and Thorsten HENNIG-THURAU (University of Münster, XRLab@MCM) will speak about social relationships in the metaverse.  Philipp RAUSCHNABEL (Universität der Bundeswehr München) will present on augmented reality.

Afternoon sessions emphasizing practice

The afternoon sessions will follow a more practice-oriented approach. First, expert practitioners from a variety of sectors and companies will give their vision and share their experiences about trends in practice.  These sessions will give participants opportunities to discover recent tools and technology showcased by key players in the industry:

  • Ellen VAN DE WOESTIJNE (ARHT) will focus on barriers and opportunities for virtual worlds around the usage of holograms.
  • Morgan BOUCHET (ORANGE) and Jae MALONEY (AIR FRANCE KLM) will both speak about developments with regards virtual worlds and the metaverse with illustrations from their companies.
  • Emanuela PRANDELLI (LUXURY) will discuss barriers and opportunities for virtual worlds in the luxury industry.

These sessions will be followed by four parallel workshops where industry and academics will be able to discuss opportunities and barriers in relation to: virtual possessions and ownership; avatars and digital identities; privacy and regulation in virtual worlds; and influencer marketing. These four workshops will be co-animated by faculty from the School.

Participants will also be able to have a demonstration of some of the latest virtual tools.                

The day will close with a summary and Q & A session. Professors Gwarlann DE KERVILER, Bernadett KOLES, and Lana MULIER from IÉSEG will manage a roundtable discussion jointly with different speakers. This will also be an opportunity for chairs of each of the workshops to provide a summary of the discussions, and to conclude with insights and take questions.

To find out more and register for the event, please visit the conference website.

This conference is supported by the Commission Recherche of Lille Catholic University and its Foundation.


Photo: Designed by Freepik

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