The Changing Context of Managing People: The New Generation Z in Asia – Dynamics, Differences, Digitalization



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A new book, entitled The New Generation Z in Asia: Dynamics, Differences, Digitalization will be published on October 23 by Emerald Publishing. Co-edited by Professors Élodie Gentina (IÉSEG School of Management) and Emma Parry (Cranfield School of Management), it compares the Asiatic Generation Z (born between 1990-1995) in terms of country and culture specific drivers and characteristics based on interdisciplinary and international scientific research.

Expert authors explore how these specific Asiatic cultures translate into a creative and innovative society in order to conduct business (recruitment and retention strategies for young talent, etc.). They also examine the Generation Z’s increasingly significant role in shaping Asia’s future as one of the world’s largest consumer markets (related to shopping, retail, collaborative consumption, media, innovation, etc.).

Written for academics and professionals in the fields of Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, and Human Resource Management, this work examines a set of topics that describes societal and managerial feelings, goals, concerns and behaviors, spanning from East Asia through South Asia, and from Southeast Asia to Western Asia.

It includes chapters featuring specific countries and topics related to them, such as China and “implications for global brands”, Indonesia and the “self-driven digital”, Pakistan and “trends and managerial implications”, etc.

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