Leveraging the potential of blockchain for the sharing economy



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While estimates of the sharing economy’s market size range from billions to more than a trillion US dollars, it nevertheless faces several challenges to reach its potential. In this video Professor Jan F. KLEIN speaks about the research he co-authored on the sharing economy and proposes an innovative solution using blockchain technology.

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He explains that the research delves into the challenges facing the sharing economy and proposes an innovative solution using blockchain technology:

“We find that blockchain-based sharing services have the potential to solve key issues plaguing current sharing practices. Most prominently, block-chain technology can help to provide fair compensation, ensure data privacy, reduce legal & financial risks, and facilitate access to sharing services.”

“To implement these benefits, we further study consumers’ adoption of blockchain-based sharing to identify associated motivators, such as self-determination, and fears such as mistrust in technology. “

“Based on these insights, we provide practical guidance – such as leveraging user control over data – for profit and non-profit organizations looking to integrate blockchain technology into their sharing operations.”

The full paper in the Journal of Business Research is available here: “Onto the light side of sharing: Using the force of blockchain”, Christopher Großmann (EBS University), Katrin Merfeld (Utrecht University School of Economics & EBS University ) Jan F. Klein (IESEG School of Management, Univ. Lille, CNRS, UMR 9221 – LEM – Lille Economie Management,) Franziska Föller & Sven Henkel  (EBS University).

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