Empowering refugees through entrepreneurial training programs



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In this video, Professor Farah Kodeih from IÉSEG School of Management speaks about some of her recent research that looked at how a local NGO supported Syrian refugees in their efforts to rebuild meaningful lives and become less dependent on aid.

Training program to help refugees set up small businesses

Together with her coauthors Henri Schildt from Aalto University in Finland, and Tom Lawrence from Oxford University in the UK they studied an entrepreneurial training program that helped the refugees set up small businesses and they identified different ways in which this NGO empowered refugees.

You can view the full video here:

The full paper can be viewed here:  “Countering Indeterminate Temporariness: Sheltering work in refugee camps”, Organization Studies (2022)

Farah Kodeih is a Professor of Strategy at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris. She received her Ph.D. from ESSEC Business School in 2011. Her research, which has featured in international journals such as Organization Studies, Academy of Management Annals and Research in the Sociology of Organizations, investigates institutional disruption and its impact on organizations and their practices. She is particularly interested in organizational efforts to address marginalization and exclusion in contexts of forced migration.

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