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As part of our commitment to delivering valuable content based on the research and analysis of our expert faculty, IÉSEG Insights is planning to carry out a survey and discussion groups with its readership. Feedback from readers is crucial and will help us tailor our content to better meet your needs and preferences and to shape the future of our website and newsletter.

This will be carried out in two phases (between September and November).

Phase 1:

Short online discussion groups to gather views and feedback on the website.

  • Duration: 1 hour maximum
  • Languages: English or French
  • Format: two/three groups of 4 participants (maximum) will take part in an online discussion, led by a member of the school, to gather views and feedback on the Insights website. These will be held over a lunchtime period in the week of 9-13 September so that working professionals can participate.

How to participate:

  • To register your interest in participating in the discussion groups, please [sign up here].

Phase 2:

In November, we will also follow up on the feedback from stage 1 with a short online survey that all readers will be able to respond to.

Thank you for helping us to develop our platform!

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